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Refrain – My Mission

“…What does the heart mean to you?” “Our aim is to annihilate all of humanity.” Based on the calculations of the Archive, the integrated AI database, humanity is now on the brink of extinction. As the countdown to human extinction begins, Vivy and Matsumoto decide to join forces with their archenemy, Toak, in order to plan a strategy to break into Arayashiki, the core of the Archive. However, Matsumoto notices a possible solution which he presents to Vivy, after she is contacted by the Archive.

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love this place! A+++

3 hours ago
by Michael

Thank you very much - i was looking for this for a veeery long time!

1 hours ago
by Patric

Glad to have found you <3

1 hours ago
by Danny

pleaazze also offer airplay!

4 hours ago
by Jackie

these are some of the best series i've ever seen!

3 hours ago
by Andine

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