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Sing My Pleasure – To Make You Smile

“I want to protect your smile, because you love AIs.” After the Sunrise incident, the audiences for Vivy’s stage performances grow day by day. Matsumoto appears once again in front of Vivy and informs her that AI technology is advancing quicker than what was recorded in history. In order to stop this, he states that their new mission will be to shut down the unmanned plant on the ocean, Metal Float. Matsumoto and Vivy rush to meet the researcher who helped to build this plant.

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Glad to have found you <3

1 hours ago
by Danny

great stuff all around, fantastic quality

1 hours ago
by Sylvia

pleaazze also offer airplay!

4 hours ago
by Jackie

these are some of the best series i've ever seen!

3 hours ago
by Andine

Thank you for uploading this video . I had fun watching it , this is great, this format works for me and never buffer...

2 hours ago
by Dan Smith

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