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A Winter Story

On the day of the concert Ritsuka and Mafuyu get into a little spat and one of the strings on Mafuyu’s guitar breaks. Haruki tells Ritsuka to run and buy new strings, and Ritsuka then realizes that Mafuyu’s been trying to do everything he had been asking him to do this whole time. As he replaces Mafuyu’s strings, he tells Mafuyu how he feels. Even though there are still no lyrics done, their time to perform finally arrives, and...

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Thank you very much - i was looking for this for a veeery long time!

1 hours ago
by Patric

Glad to have found you <3

1 hours ago
by Danny

great stuff all around, fantastic quality

1 hours ago
by Sylvia

oh - even works on my telly

5 hours ago
by Hans

these are some of the best series i've ever seen!

3 hours ago
by Andine

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